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Five Hanska TFX3 Musta Näytä suurempana

Five Hanska TFX3 Musta

Water-repellent stretch fabric (upper) construction / Full-grain
goatskin (palm) for suppleness.
One-piece PVC metacarpo-phalangeal protective shell under fabric construction with a “window” cutout. Index and middle finger knuckle protection in Soft TPR.
2-Way Spandex panel for flexibility.
Foam protective reinforcements on all knuckles, with TPR on the outer fingers.
Wide Kevlar® reinforcements from the base of the hand to the hypothenar muscle.
Digital PU reinforcement for enhanced grip on the handlebars.
Quick-close Velcro® tab system.
Reflective fabric on the wrists.
Lycra®-style fourchettes (between the fingers).
Clear Vision Pad™ screen-cleaning system on the left hand.
Touch Screen™ system (index finger) for using Touch Screen™ devices.



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Another asset in our Trail Adventure range, the TFX3 is a small, lightweight, short glove that won’t weigh
you down, perfect for taking on all types of road trips or rides when the weather’s fine. Protective and comfortable, it boldly shows off its adventurous spirit with its elegant look and meticulously designed technical specs. The Clear Vision Pad™ and Touch Screen™ systems for navigating comfort, Digital PU insets on the palm and the thumb for grip, a wide 2-Way Spandex strip on the topside for flexibility, ERGO PROTECH® TPR shells and Kevlar® reinforcement for protection, and a goatskin palm for suppleness… the TFX3 has everything to make it your perfect companion. And because you can never be completely sure there won’t be some scattered showers, especially in the summer, it even features, on its topside, coated, water-repellent stretch fabric that makes the drops slide right off. And we haven’t even mentioned its weatherproof qualities, almost like it had a membrane; we could call it water-resistant, enough to protect you from unexpected light rain. The TFX3: all the advantages of a short, lightweight glove to venture out on the track in summertime, whether you hit the road or ride on gravel.






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Five Hanska TFX3 Musta M


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